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I am pleased to welcome you at NEPCO website, which provides the desired and required information about the company's identity and operating system and its role in meeting the Kingdom's electricity needs to support the national economy and achieve the well-being of the community

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NEPCO's Objectives

The national goals that the company contributes to achieving, as stated in the Jordan 2025 document:
Achieving sustainable growth rates to ensure a good standard of living for all citizens
Creating an attractive investment environment capable of attracting foreign capital and encouraging local investments
Preserving financial and monetary stability, controlling the budget deficit, and building an efficient and low-risk financial system
Improving the level of services provided to citizens and justice in distribution
Building a generation capable of creativity and innovation with high productivity
Safe, Sustainable & Economical Operation of the Electrical System
Developing Institutional Work & Automating Processes
Optimal Use of Material Resources
Optimal Utilization of Human Resources & Capacity Building
Empower Partnerships & Community Service
The strategic objectives of the energy sector that the company contributes to achieving, as stated in the energy sector strategy for the period 2015-2025:
Achieving the Security of Energy Supply Needed for Comprehensive Development in a Sustainable Manner
Increasing the Contribution of Domestic Energy Sources to the Total Energy and Reducing Dependence on Imports
Reducing the Cost of Energy on the National Economy

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According to NEPCO's Annual Report 2022
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Peak Load for Jordan's Electrical System

National Grid Transmission Lines More Than 132 k.V (km.Circuit)

Substations Installed Capacities

Purchased Electrical Energy (GWh)

Sold Electrical Energy (GWh)

Imported Energy (GWh) & 191.5 (GWh) Exported Energy


Don'y iron clothes when they still wet, wait until they dry using sun heat to save electricity

Power saving lights decreases the electricity bill noticeably

You can save upto 15% of your electricity bill by turning off electrical devices on stand by

Electricla tariff is ascending and electrical heating is paid for using the highest tariff so it's not the best mean to heat our houses

Keeping lights on during day may deprive us from it at night

Choose electricity saving devices to reduce power usage and better effeciency

Save electricity whereever you are

Electricity waste is a major reason of power outages and increasing electricity bills

Consuming Electricity illegally is accountable

Saving energy is a simple process that leads to great results and reduces your electricty bill

Using electrical heaters increases your electricity bill more that fuel heaters

Using detergents that works at 30 celecious saves electrical power

Periodic maintenance of fridge and rubber gaskets saves energy

Turning electrical water heater only when it is needed saves electricity

Laundry in one time instead of many times saves electricity

Iron cloths in one time instead of many times saves electricity

Massive electricity consuming may increase wires heat and cause electrical surges and fires

Turn off unused lights and devices in your house and office

Electricity is vital, make sure to save it

Following power saving instructions and using it properly reduces your electricity bill

Try to do house chores that requires electricity after 11 o'clock or during the morinig between 5 and 7 o'clock

According to experts, turning off one light in house or office saves electrical power for entire city

Keep aways from electricity towers

Don't touch uncovered electrical wires

Reduce lights during the day .. depend on sunlight, it's enough and healthy

Saving Energy and reducing the wasted energy decreases the electrical power outages occured due to excessive power consuming

Make sure to turn off all lights when leaving the house

Using electricity for decorations in occasions and holidays is a waste of electricity

Set condition tempreture on 25 and close windows and doors to reduce energy consumption