The Ten Basic Rules for Safety

  1. Follow up safety regulations. ask if you don't know
  2. Correct the situations which do not comply with safety procedures, or report it
  3. Keep workplace and tools clean and tidy
  4. Use the right tools for every job
  5. Report all accidents, and get the necessary First Aid
  6. Don't interfere with equipments , machines without permission
  7. Avoid funs and jokes during the work
  8. Use personal protective equipment and clothing
  9. Pick up objects between your knees and shoulders, and lift with your legs not with your back. Get help or use lifting device when necessary
  10. Comply with rules and safety procedures

Proceedures shall be taken to enhance safety and environment protection in NEPCO

The general safety in NEPCO aims to ensure providing a healthy and safe environment for all employees, that leads to protect them from work acceident injuries and occupational diseases resulting from their works’s activities, as will as achieving an effective role for the company in protecting the environment. NEPCO has taken many proceedures to enhance safety in various work sites, these proceedures are summarized as follow:

  • Providing a specialized team in the environment and safety issues at the level of the company
  • Adopting the latest systems for managing quality, safety and environment
  • Follow up on preparing and updating regulatory instructions related to employee safety
  • Creation /formation of an occupational safety and health committee in NEPCO, and also finding a sub-committees emanates from this committee in various company sites
  • Holding workshops and training courses in safety, first aid, fire fighting and evacuation topices for company’s employees
  • Installing / putting up indicative and warning signs in the various worksites of the company
  • Follow up work injuries in various loations in the company and prepare periodic reports
  • Investigating work injuries, to find out the root causes of these injuries and limit their occurrence in the future
  • Providing safety and personal protection equipment (PPEs) for company employees
  • Follow up on the readiness of fire extinguishing equipment and fire alarm systems in the various sites of the company, as well as participate with local and international organizations and institutions in activities related to safety and the environment
  • Preparing programs for periodic inspection and conducting safety tours in all company sites
  • Preparing educational and awareness pamphlets in the fields of occupational safety, health, and the environment, to enhance preventive awareness and knowledge among company employees
  • Following up on the provision and preparation of educational, advisory, and warning regulations on occupational safety and health issues
  • For more information about safety rules and instructions for working on electrical installations, click here to download a brochure of work instructions on electrical installations