NEPCO, the National Electric Power Company of Jordan, owns and operates an optical fiber network, which is a part of its backbone powerline grid including all 132 kV and 400 kV overhead transmission lines with a total length extends up to 1500 km , covering all areas in the kingdom except the eastern region.

This optical fiber network is used in operating NEPCO electrical system in terms of the protection, control and operational systems for the generator units , transmission lines and main substations as will as communication systems between different sites belonging to NEPCO.

Due to the availability of surplus and excess in the fiber capacity of NEPCO network which considered as a national treasure, the National Electric Power Co. invests its fiber network by renting dark fiber optics to the institutions and governmental projects within certain principles and criteria to meet the needs of the telecommunications market which opens the competition door among investors and in accordance to the conditions being imposed by the Telecommunications Regulatory Commission as will as the Laws and regulations of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.

International connection points

  • Submarine cable between Jordan and Egypt, across the Gulf of Aqaba, the total length of Submarine cable (13) km.
  • Fiber-optic cable linking between Jordan and Syria, along with Jordan-Syria International Electric Line started from Amman North Substation to the Syrian border with a length (60.6) km.
  • Fiber-optic cable linking between Jordan and Palestine, along with Jordan- Palestine International Electric Line started from Soweimah Substation to the Palestine border (King Abdullah Bridge) with a length (20) km.

Services Provided to the Beneficiary

  1. Coordinates of the Fiber Optic Network
  2. The network Map, routs and lengths of each route
  3. An access to connect in the joint boxes available along the routs
  4. Provide Alternated electrical sources in the Substations, the beneficiary shall pay the monthly consumption of electrical energy
  5. An access to our Locations to make all maintenance for the equipment according to NEPCO instructions

NEPCO's Fiber Optics Grid Map

opgw grid