National Electric Power Company is considered to become the natural and legal successor to Jordan Electricity Authority which was established in accordance with special Decree No. (21) of 1967 with an independent financial and administrative existence. In order to enable the new company to perform its activities, 1996 Decree No (10), subsequently amended by Decree No (13) of 1999, was issued to regulate the electricity sector in Jordan, especially with respect to power generation and distribution.

National electric Power Company

National Electric Power Company was restructured into three separate companies starting from 1 January 1999 in execution of the Council of Ministers' resolution taken on 4 October 1997 which stipulated that government should maintain the ownership of the activities of transmission, power control. power purchase and sale and power exchange with neighboring countries.

Sector Reform

And to complete this new situation, the government has formed a new board of directors for this company to assume its responsibilities in managing the company according to the applicable laws and regulations. In 1999, the government made some amendments to the General Electricity Law No. (10) for the year 1996, and the amended Electricity Law No. (13) for the year 1999 was issued, in which the National Electricity Company was restructured by dividing it into three companies according to the activity it carries out. As of early 1999, these companies are:

  • National Electric Power Company (NEPCO) which is Responsible of Managing and Operating Electrical System, Transmission of Electric Power , and Bulk Supply.
  • Central Electricity Generation Company (CEGCO) which is Responsible of Generating Electrical Power.
  • Electricity Distribution Company (EDCO) which is Responsible of Distributing Electrical Power.