National Objectives

The national goals that the company contributes to achieving, as stated in the Jordan 2025 document:

  • Achieving sustainable growth rates to ensure a good standard of living for all citizens
  • Creating an attractive investment environment capable of attracting foreign capital and encouraging local investments
  • Preserving financial and monetary stability, controlling the budget deficit, and building an efficient and low-risk financial system
  • Improving the level of services provided to citizens and justice in distribution
  • Building a generation capable of creativity and innovation with high productivity

Strategic Objectives

  • Safe, Sustainable & Economical Operation of the Electrical System
  • Developing Institutional Work & Automating Processes
  • Optimal Use of Material Resources
  • Optimal Utilization of Human Resources & Capacity Building
  • Empower Partnerships & Community Service

Sectoral Objectives

  • Achieving the Security of Energy Supply Needed for Comprehensive Development in a Sustainable Manner
  • Increasing the Contribution of Domestic Energy Sources to the Total Energy and Reducing Dependence on Imports
  • Reducing the Cost of Energy on the National Economy