ETC Study System

Management of Training Programs:
Programs held according to ETC annual plan with the possibility of designing special courses for any company upon there request after coordination and agreement with the management of the Centre.

• Training during working hours from 9:00 until 14:00, five days a week.
• An excuse and apology of electrical training center for not holding the session in case of absence or insufficient number of participants.
• Courses can be held in the evening (15:00 - 20:00). Under special arrangements.
• Training programs can be held in the workplace (inside or outside Jordan) if there is the necessary equipment to be held are available.

Training center provides support services for programs to insure success of training programs hold at the center and polarization trainees from abroad: (Such as cafeteria, lounge, transportation, site visits, tourist visits, sports activities, and Internet services).

Participants who complete the requirements of the training program acquire approved certificate from the NEPCO.

Language training method:
Training programs can be held either in Arabic or in English.

ETC Training System:
Type of Training Programs in ETC

Long term Training (Regular Training Program)

(More than 6 months to 2 years)
The Center accepts the new comer's trainees who have the general secondary certificate (scientific & industrial) or diploma certificate.

ETC accepts Jordanian students who passed the general secondary certificate (scientific & industrial).
Studying at the ETC is for two years , for that students who passed the general secondary certificate ,and a one year to those had the Diploma / university certificate.
Trainees will be divided into essential specialization's which include the fields of Generation, Transmission, and Distribution.

The standard of training at the center provides a high technical and scientific level, through which they acquire the skills needed to perform the duties given to them within their specialization with the minimum technical supervision. This affords them attaining the priority in employment chances with the electrical sector either in or outside of Jordan.

Condition of participation:
Admission requirements (for Jordanian applicants to be trained and work in the NECO only).
Applications will be accepted (after advertising in local newspapers or on the company's website) who meet the following conditions:

1. Holding Jordanian Nationality.

2. Passing the general secondary certificate (scientific & industrial) or Diploma certificate (at technical specializations).

3. Must be under 23 years old, in principle.

4. Finished compulsory conscription or exempt from it.

5. Being in good health, both physically and mentally.

6. Having bond to commit the period of training and work after that at NEPCO for double.

As for the other companies trainees are accepted according to the terms of those companies.
Medium term Training

(From 5 weeks to 16 weeks).
targeted to:

• Regional Training Program.

• Contract Training Program.

For Foreign Engineers & Technicians
Short term Training

(From 1 week to 4 weeks).

targeted to:

• Upgrading Training Program.

• Local Training Program.
For Engineers & technicians who are working in local electrical utilities.

• Programs are aimed to raise the efficiency of engineers & technicians who are working in local electrical utility of the NECO (internship) and local companies and institutions (local training).

Among the most prominent local companies that participated in this program are:

      Companies and institutions that participated candidates in the training programs
Royal Air Force Arab Potash Company
Electricity Distribution Company Irbid District Electricity Company
Ministry of Transport - Aqaba Railway Directorate of Civil Defense
Iron and steel companies Consulting firms and training  companies
Electricity Distribution Company Ghazi Hamad and his partner  Contracting
Jordan Phosphate Mines Company Central Electricity Generating Company
The Ministry of Communications and Information Technology Self-training
Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority Miyahuna
Hijazi and Ghosheh KIMA paper co
Electrical Equipment Industries Jordan Cement Company (Lafarge)
Japanese Jordanian fertilizers Airport International Group
Japan Fertilizer Company (Aqaba) Water Authority

Special training programs

targeted to educational institutions (universities and institutes):

Programs serve students who are still under graduated. Through, summer training, quarterly training or field training.

Under this program students Universities have participated in the training programs ,who came to the center from Universities: (Mutah University, Yarmouk University, University of Jordan, Jordan University, B.A University, and the University of Science and Technology, University of Philadelphia, Tafila Technical University, Jerash University, University of Applied Sciences, University of Alblutikink / Palestine Najah University / Palestine, Birzeit University / Palestine.
External training program

The program provides training to serve engineers and technicians coming from foreign countries.
Most international training programs held at ETC are either self-financing of the mission or from the financing international funding agencies or Arabic financing.

The most countries that participated in the training programs: Morocco and Yemen, Qatar, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Egypt, Bahrain, Palestine, Algeria, Tunisia, Mauritania, Malawi, Syria and Iraq