Electric Training Center

Emphasis and concern placed by the National Electric Power Company (NEPCO) to promote technical training in the workforce in electrical enterprises. NEPCO believes the training is of great importance in promoting manpower and up gradation in line with scientific and technical progress, and believes in continuous improvement at all levels, including training, which is one of the cornerstones of the development process.

NEPCO adopted polices to achieve goals of updating and developments of staff knowledge and thus achieving the highest levels of efficiency and skill, So NEPCO adopted training since the early renaissance as part of its plans in the curriculum of modernity and keep up with technology first hand, this has followed the electrical training center modernization policy training plans to serve the needs of workers in the electricity industry of technical skills and attitudes required in response to the requirements of the company and local and foreign institutions aspiring to upgrade and efficiency of technical staff.

To that end NEPCO and in collaboration with the Japanese Agency for International Cooperation (JICA) has established Electric Training Center (ETC). ETC adopted as a regional hub by a number of international organizations as well as the JICA. To prepare and raise the efficiency of the technical staff working in the areas of serving the electrical system.

NEPCO with the collaboration with JICA supplied Electric Training Center with all modern instruments and equipment for laboratories and workshops and aids to ensure the objective of the establishment, which provides ETC training programs specifically designed for staff in the field of electric power industry to keep pace with the rapid evolution and development skills of workers in the electricity industry.

ETC Establishment:
ETC was established and completed in 1987, according to the signed agreement between NEPCO and JICA.

ETC was opened officially by his eminence prince AL-Hassan on Sunday, November, 13th 1988 on the occasion of king Hussein birthday.

ETC situated near Hussein Thermal Power Station, 10km from Zarqa city center.
The total Center’s building area approximately 6000 m2, 3500 m2, are designated for laboratories and workshops, and 2500 m2, are for lecturing rooms and administration building.