Quality Policy

The Ten Basic Rules for Safety:

    1.  Follow up safety regulations. ask if you don't know.

    2.  Correct the situations which do not comply with safety procedures, or report it.

    3.  Keep workplace and tools clean and tidy.

    4.  Use the right tools for every job.

    5.  Report all accidents, and get the necessary First Aid.

    6.  Don't interfere with equipments , machines without permission.

    7.  Avoid funs and jokes during the work.

    8.  Use personal protective equipment and clothing.

    9.  Pick up objects between your knees and shoulders, and lift with your legs not with your
         back. Get help or use lifting device when necessary.

    10. Comply with rules and safety procedures.

Safety & Health Policy at NEPCO:

NEPCO Safety and Health Policy is to maintain safety programs and to safeguard employees and equipment.
In this regard National Electric Power Company has carried out the following measures to enhance Safety and to decrease work accidents as less as possible :

    1.  Provision of specialized safety personnel within Quality and Safety Department, which is
         responsible for monitoring and supervision of all safety activities at all NEPCO sites, in
         addition to provision of local safety staff to every technical division at NEPCO.

    2.  Developing policies, code of regulations to control hazards and maintain safety at work.

    3.  Preparing authorisation regulations for employees to carry out maintenance or operation
         works or to enter the working areas.

    4.  Establishing the higher committee for safety, which consists of NEPCO managing director
         as its chairperson, the related managing director assistants, departments managers,
         safety and environment section head.

    5.  Carrying out workshops for employees on safety.

    6.  Training employees on safety and firefighting.

    7.  Provision of warning and prohibition signs at all NEPCO working areas.

    8.  Carrying out safety rounds to check safety situation at all NEPCO sites.

    9.  Following up work accidents statistics and writing the periodical reports on work

    10. Provision of high quality safety and protective equipment for employees.

Current Situation of Safety at NEPCO:

The Annual Work Accident Report during the year 2016 has indicated the main features of work accident statistics as follows:

    1.  The number of work accidents related to work environment was (32) accidents caused by:
13% falling persons ,16% falling objects, 6% slip and trips,3% fire and explosions, 3% fragments of volatile, 16% walking on objects, 6% handling carrying and lifting, 7% car accidents, 16% hitting or striking by an object, 9% wound and bruising in hand, 3% exposure to extreme heat, 9% closure between things.

    2.  The number of absence days because of work accidents related to work environment
         (167) days.

    3.  The accident frequency rate of the total work accidents related to work environment was
         (2.1 accident /200000 hours worked).

    4.  The accident severity rate of the total absence days due to work accidents was
         (11 days / 200000 hours worked).