Projects Under Progress

      National Electric Power Company spared no efforts to meet electric power demand through developing and implementing appropriate planning strategies and studies as well as carrying out all operating procedures and regular and annual preventive maintenance upon all elements of national transmision network for purpose of supplying electric current to the consumers with the best international specifications and standards from various available sources at the lowest possible cost while maintaining security and safety of the electrical system.

       In this regard, National Electric Power Company implemented some electrical projects over the kingdom in order to develop and enhance national transmission network, where main electricity Substations were built and expanded 400/132/33 kV and 132/33 kV and 400 kV and 132 kV transmission lines were built that are necessary to connect the new substations and generating stations with the electrical system for purpose of developing electric power industry sector in the Kingdom and controlling the electrical system effectively and efficiently using the best international specifications.
Substation Projects
Transmission Lines Projects
Civil Engineering Projects
Electrical Interconnection Projects
Gas Projects