Jordan hosts the energy ministers of Egypt, Syria and Lebanon 2021-09-06
Benefiting from the subsidized tariff does not require transferring the subscription in the name of the beneficiary 2021-08-25
The electrical load recorded 3240 megawatts on Saturday evening 2021-08-22
Electricity bill support is fixed and a mechanism to protect subscribers who are eligible for support 2021-08-17
Measures to facilitate the transfer of electric meter subscriptions to benefit from the new tariff 2021-08-16
Dr. Laboun: The electricity bill in the new tariff will be reduced or not affected for about 93% of the domestic sector subscribers 2021-08-16
Heat wave raises electrical loads to 3220 MW 2021-08-09
Heat Wave Raises Evening Electrical Load by 10 Percent 2021-08-08
A Field Tour for the Chairman and General Manager of NEPCO Sites in Zarqa and Azraq 2021-08-08
NEPCO: We provide Jordanians with the best international specifications and standards 2021-08-08
The government will announce the details of the new electricity tariff soon 2021-08-04
Zawati: A government study of the electric tariff 2021-07-29
Zawati discusses with Iraqi officials ways to enhance energy cooperation 2021-07-25
No Human or Intentional Role Behind the May Blackout 2021-07-14
“Fils Al-Reef” delivers electricity to field hospitals and quarantine camps 2021-07-11
NEPCO Sales Rise 1.91 Percent 2021-07-08
Heat Wave Raises Electrical Loads by 11% 2021-07-07
A Scientific Workshop at the "NEPCO" to Discuss the Comprehensive Blackout Incident 2021-06-27
Jordan and Syria discuss ways to enhance joint cooperation in the field of energy 2021-06-24
Eng. Rawashdeh appreciates the efforts of the Jordanian Engineers Association made at the level of the profession and the country 2021-06-20
Zawati: The importance of electricity exchange between the countries of the Union for the Mediterranean 2021-06-16
Jordan Ranks Medium in Scientific Publishing in Renewable Energy 2021-06-13
The Chairman of the Board of Directors of "National Electric Power Company", its General Manager and the employees congratulate His Majesty the King on the 22nd royal anniversary of 'Jordan's success 2021-06-09
An Arab dialogue workshop discusses the challenges of renewable energy under Corona 2021-06-09
Disclaimer: This advertisement is incorrect, baseless and there is no job advertisement for the National Electric Power Company 2021-06-02
Government: Electricity prices are one of the obstacles to economic growth in Jordan 2021-06-02
Zawati: This is the Why Behind the Blackout. 2021-05-23
Al-Attarat for oil shale start trial operation 2021-05-23
Representatives Energy Discusses Agreements for Electricity Generation Companies and Restructuring the Energy Sector 2021-05-09
Determining the tariff value of the fuel price difference item for the month of May at a value of zero 2021-05-04
Fixing the prices of oil derivatives for the month of May 2021-05-04
An increase in electrical loads of 3% in the past month 2021-04-28
Amending the foundations of electricity delivery to account for rural fils 2021-04-15
A 3% increase in electrical loads during last March . 2021-04-04
Fixing the Fuel Tariff for April 2021-03-31
Zawati: The Total Renewable Energy in the Kingdom is 2063 MW in 2020 2021-03-11
Zawati: 36 licenses for renewable energy projects since 11/2018 2021-03-09
Amending the Foundations of Electricity Delivery at the Expense of Rural Fils 2021-03-02
Zawati: 20% of Jordan's Electricity is Renewable Energy 2021-02-23
Eng. Rawashda Confirms the Readiness of the Electrical Network and the Supply Chain to Deal with the Expected Weather Situation 2021-02-17
Zawati Checks NEPCO’s Control Center in Preparation for the Cold Wave. 2021-02-17
Congratulations on the Birthday of His Majesty King Abdullah II 2021-01-31
EMRC Denies Changing the Tariff of the Fuel Price Difference Item to Zero 2021-01-12
Ministry of Energy Aims to Increase the Contribution of Local Resources in Generating Electricity to 41% 2021-01-06
Ministry of Energy: Continued Development of Oil and Gas Exploration Sites in 2021 2021-01-05
Zawati Promises the Jordanians with Promising Results in Well 53 in Al-Risha Field 2020-12-20
1.75 Dinars is the Minimum Value for Consuming Electricity Bill 2020-11-19
The Kingdom's Exports of Electricity Ups to 108% 2020-10-08
An international Report: Jordan is in a Global Advanced Position for RE Jobs 2020-10-05
The Number of Electricity Subscribers Increased By 12% in 4 Years 2020-10-04
International Energy: The World Needs to Make Greater Efforts to Develop and Spread Clean Energy Technologies 2020-10-01
Jordan and Iraq Sign a Contract Connecting the Electricity Network Between the Two Countries 2020-09-28
Al-Kurdi as the Chairman of the National Electric Power Co's Board to Succeed Ajlouni 2020-09-23
NEPCO’s Losses Turn Into JD 275 000 Profits 2020-09-21
Fixing the fuel price difference in the electricity bill at zero 2020-09-01
Zawati: Rehabilitating Hamza Oil Field to Increase Production Capacity from 10 Barrels Per Day to More Than 400 2020-08-31
Electricity Exports from Jordan Rises to 95% in 7 Months 2020-08-27
An Electrical Interconnection Agreement between Jordan and Saudi Arabia 2020-08-18
Rawashdeh: The Highest Electric Summary Load Recorded in the History of the Kingdom is 3450 MW. 2020-08-04
JEPCO: The Stations are Able to Absorb the Loads during the Heat Wave 2020-07-28
Zawati: We Look for Electrical Interconnection with 4 Countries and Expensive Shale Projects 2020-07-09
Zawati: Our Aim is to Make Jordan a Regional Center for Energy Exchange ... We are No Longer the Same as we Were in 2011 2020-07-08
A Grant to Electricity Transmission from Jordan to Palestine 2020-07-05
Experts Discuss the Role of Storage Systems by Increasing the "Renewable" Energy Mixture 2020-07-05
Zain Allows its Subscribers to Use the Aman App for Free 2020-06-21
Ministry of Energy Announces its Strategic Plan 2019-2021 2020-06-16
Ministry of Energy Aims to Increase the Contribution of Local Sources in Electricity Generation to 41% 2020-06-16
National Electric Power Company Wishes a Quick Recovery for Colleagues Injured in the Work Accident 2020-06-02
Zawati: The Monitoring and Control Center Contributes to Maintaining the Availability and Stability of the Electrical System 2020-05-30
NEPCO Congratulates the Jordanian People and our Victorious Leadership on the 74th Independence Day 2020-05-26
Zawati: Jordan Works to Strengthen and Develop the Jordanian Electrical System and Diversify the Energy Mixature used in Generating Electricity 2020-05-25
The Managing Director Congratulates Employees with the Occasion of International Labor Day 2020-05-01
Two Officials Affirm No Electrical Losses Incurred by Citizens 2020-03-15
Zawati: The Storm was very Difficult for the Electric System 2020-03-15
4.7% is the Increase in Electricity Exports in 2019 2020-03-05
Eng. Rawashdeh: Re-pumping Egyptian Natural Gas 2020-02-20
Rawashdeh: Loads Decrease Enough to Light the Northern Governorates of the Kingdom 2020-02-16
Electrical Load Decreased to 3310 Megawatts 2020-02-13
A New Record for Electrical Load 2020-02-11
Eng. Rawashdeh: NEPCO is Recording an Unprecedented Electrical Load of 3570 MW Today 2020-02-11
His Excellency, the General Manager, Eng. Amjad Rawashdeh, inaugurates the workshop on the strategy of the National Electric Power Company 2020-02-04
An Agreement to Increase the Electric Energy Exported from Jordan to Palestine 2020-01-16
NEPCO Records the Maximum Electric Load of 3510 MW 2020-01-15
Billion in Renewable Energy Investments in the Kingdom $ 5 2020-01-15
Electricity Export Rises 1.2% 2020-01-15
Eng. Amjad Rawashdeh: Contracting with Noble Jordan to Supply Gas to the Kingdom was the Last Option after the Egyptian Gas Cut 2020-01-06
The Start of the Experimental Pumping of Noble Gas 2020-01-02
Recommendation to Establish an Arab-Indian Forum for Renewable Energy in Amman 2019-12-22
The General Manager of the National Electric Power Company Has Met Assistants, Department Managers and Division Heads at the Seminar Hall 2019-12-18
SSC’s Investment Starts with the Implementation of the Third Station to Generate Electricity from Solar Energy 2019-12-15
NEPCO: The Expected Maximum Electric Load during the Air Low is 3200 MW 2019-12-12
NEPCO has Graduated 71 Iraqis Participating in Training Programs 2019-12-01
Eng. Rawashdeh: NEPCO" is Working to Go Smoothly this Year without Recording Losses 2019-11-25
The Engineers Association of Ajloun Branch visits the National Control Center and South Amman Station of the National Electric Power Company 2019-11-20
His Excellency, the Managing Director Honors Colleague, Ahmed Bedair for Receiving Title of Employee of the Month of September, 2019 2019-11-18
Joudeh: Jordan Has Come a Long Way in the Field of Energy 2019-11-17
Reducing Electricity Tariffs for Industrial and Agricultural Sectors 2019-11-17
Iraq Agrees to Electrical Interconnection with Jordan 2019-11-17
Energy Signs Financing Agreement for Installation of Supported Solar Heaters and Systems 2019-11-17
The Electric Load is Likely to Rise 3.5% Next Year 2019-11-10
Zawati Participates in the Meeting of the Arab Ministerial Council for Electricity in Cairo 2019-11-06
Al-Hiyari: 15.5 Thousand Thefts of Electricity in Ten Months 2019-11-05
NEPCO Completes a 46 MW South Amman Substation 2019-11-04
Jordan and Japan Sign an Agreement to Strengthen the Capacity of the Electrical System in the Kingdom 2019-11-03
On Behalf of Prime Minister, Zawati Inaugurates 100-MW Two Stations (Mafraq 1 & Empire) 2019-10-30
Zawati: 5 Free Energy-Saving Lamps for Each Family with a Less Than 50 JD Bill 2019-10-29
Government: Jordan is not the Most Expensive Country in the Electricity Tariff 2019-10-27
Zawati Announces The Energy’s Emergency Plan for Winter 2019-10-23
Zawati: The Jordanian Electricity is Delivered to Jerusalem Soon 2019-10-23
Rawashdeh Announces NEPCO's Emergency Plan for the Winter 2019-10-21
A representative of Prime Minister: Zawati Inaugurates Fujij Wind Power Project with a Capacity of 89 MW 2019-10-20
NEPCO Wins four Asian Energy Awards and Holds the Oscar of the Energy Industry 2019-10-13
NEPCO Completes the Project of Mas Wind Substation 132 KV 2019-10-03
Fixing Electricity Prices 2019-10-01
7 Companies Implement Tenders to Generate Electricity from the Sun to the Beneficiaries of the Aid Fund 2019-09-29
Jordan and Lebanon Sign a Memorandum of Understanding for Energy Cooperation 2019-09-26
SSC Fund’s Investments in the Energy Sector Exceed 100 Million Dinars 2019-09-25
Ministry of Energy Provides Houses with 26,000 of Subsidized Solar Water Heaters 2019-09-23
NEPCO and Fajr Sign Agreements to Supply Phosphate Company and Nuqul Group with Gas 2019-09-18
The Arab Union of Electricity Bets on a New Model for its Development before the End of the Year 2019-09-11
The President of the Arab Union of Electricity Visits the Headquarters of the General Secretariat of the Union in Amman, Jordan 2019-09-09
Risha Field Covers 3% of the Kingdom's Electricity 2019-09-09
Al-Rawashdeh: There are Advantages to the Electric Current in Jordan Despite the Challenges 2019-09-05
Zawati: Solar Cell Systems to Reduce Poverty 2019-08-19
A Jordanian and Palestinian Memorandum of Understanding of Cooperation in the Area of Supplying Palestine with Oil Derivatives 2019-08-08
Energy and Minerals Regulatory Commission Licenses the 3rd and 4th Phases of the Samra Station 2019-08-07
The Energy and Planning Ministers Briefed a US Official on Efforts to Solve the Energy Problem 2019-08-06
Reducing the Prices of Consumed Electricity at the Jordanian Phosphate Mines 2019-08-01
NEPCO and JICA Sign a Memorandum of Understanding to Train Trainers from Palestine 2019-07-31
Al-Rawashdeh: Completing East Amman Substation Expansion and Connecting 40 MW of Solar System on the Grid 2019-07-24
Two certificates for "National Electricity" in the Department of Environment and Occupational Health 2017-11-13
The Cabinet approves the implementation of the electrical connection with Saudi Arabia 2017-11-09
A second electrical connection between Jordan and Egypt 2017-10-12
The government approves two agreements for 17 million euros to support electricity 2017-10-12
Al-Daradkeh: Al-Reeshah Power Project and Al-Karama Link strengthen the East Kingdom network 2017-10-03
Extend the lead time for the electricity storage project 2017-09-28
A Jordanian-Saudi agreement for the distillation of oil shale 2017-09-25
Investment Opportunities in Renewable Energy Projects 2014-02-11
Opening of Two Training Programs in NEPCO for the Benefit of a Cadre of the Public Electricity Corporation in Yemen. 2013-02-12
Dr. Maabreh: Offers to Implement the Power Generating S/S from Oil Shale at End of February. 2013-02-07
Signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between NEPCO and Amman for Renewable Energy. 2013-02-05
Ministry of Energy Extends Period of Tender Supply of Energy-Saving Lamps. 2013-02-04
Electrical Loads within Normal Levels. 2013-02-03
Cabinet Approves Special Fourth Generation Draft of Electricity. 2013-01-21
Opening Four Training Programs in NEPCO for the Benefit of Cadres of the Iraqi Ministry of Electricity 2013-01-14
2770 MW is the Highest Electrical Load in 2012. 2013-01-06
International Monetary Fund: NEPCO s" Losses 268 Million Dinars in 2013. 2012-12-31
Electrical Load Gets Highest Level. 2012-12-23
Jordan Ranked Fourth in the World in the Production of Oil Shale. 2012-12-05
Expectations to Begin Implementation of a Wind Energy Project in Jordan over the Next Few Months. 2012-12-02
6 International Companies Qualify for Consultant Tender for Energy Efficiency in Lighting Project . 2012-11-28
3.4 Billion Dinars is Kingdom"s Oil Bill in 9 Months. 2012-11-26
Energy Ministry Sings Two License Agreements of Fuel Distribution with Al Manaseer & Total. 2012-11-22
Citizens are Turning to Use Electric Heaters Instead of Gas and Kerosene. 2012-11-20
NEPCO Borrows 170 JD Million to Finance Two Ships s" Fuel Cargo in Aqaba. 2012-11-18
Opening of Training Programs in NEPCO. 2012-11-12
Egypt Will Increase Rates of Pumping Gas to the Kingdom. 2012-11-07
International Companies Interested in Generating Energy from Oil Shale. 2012-11-05
Kabariti: Electricity Sector Situation is Catastrophic & NEPCO"s Debts Reach 2.5 Billion Dinars. 2012-11-01
NEPCO Concludes the Distribution System Planning and Training Policy Programs. 2012-10-30
Energy Minister Participates in the Work of the International Energy Forum in Dubai. 2012-10-23
Batayneh in Cairo to Discuss the Resumption of Egyptian Gas to Jordan. 2012-10-21
Syria Stops Taking Electricity Supply from Kingdom Two Months Ago. 2012-10-14
Egypt Seeks Resuming Pumping Gas to the Kingdom. 2012-10-09
License Distribution Renewal of "Jordan Electricity" is Predicted after the Concession Next Month. 2012-10-07
Training Program for Cadres of the Iraqi Ministry of Electricity. 2012-10-03
The Electricity Sector Prepares to Deal with Increased Demand for Energy during Winter. 2012-10-03
Energy Minister: 2 Billion JD is Cost of the Oil Bill and Governmental Actions to Reduce Cost. 2012-10-01
29 Companies Begin Implementing Projects to Generate Energy from Wind & Solar Power Soon. 2012-09-26
The Electricity Generation Unit with Capacity of 143 MW is Awarded for Greek Co. 2012-09-25
Kabariti: We Must Solve the Financial Crisis of NEPCO. 2012-09-23
Report: Electricity Consumption Rises 5.4% Last Year. 2012-09-23
Mr. Malek Kabariti is Chairman of the Board of Directors of NEPCO. 2012-09-20
ECB Develops a Power Station in Amman of $ 100 Million. 2012-09-19
Renewable Energy Conference Starts & Batayneh Okays to Deal with Projects. 2012-09-18
A Japanese Financing of the Media Plan to Educate Citizens with Energy Consumption Saving. 2012-09-16
Modifying Instructions of Selling Generated Electricity from Small Renewable Energy Systems. 2012-09-11
Production of 38000 B of Oil A Day at a Cost of $60 – 70. 2012-09-09
Government Plans to Launch a Tender for Establishment of Wind Pool to Generate Electricity in Aqaba, Ma"an. 2012-09-05
Tender for Installation of 600000 Energy-Saving Bulbs in Government Buildings. 2012-09-03
Financing Energy Projects $ 300 Million from the Gulf Fund 2012-08-30
An Intention to Build a Generating Station with Capacity of 700 - 900 MW 2012-08-27
Kingdom Energy Bill Rises 31% to the End of June. 2012-08-15
Electrical Loads to Deal with the Heat Wave without Interruptions. 2012-07-29
NEPCO Excludes Cutting of Electrical Loads until the End of Summer. 2012-07-24
NEPCO Stops Programmed Cutting since the Day Before Friday. 2012-07-22
Programmed Electricity Cut of 14 Hoods in Amman & Suburbs. 2012-07-19
World Bank will Provide Jordan $ 70 Million for the Production of Clean Energy. 2012-07-16
Energy Bill Rises 54% Last Year. 2012-07-15
East of Amman Company Distributes Solar Heaters on the Population This Year. 2012-07-10
"Ministry of Energy Plans to Launch a Tender for the Implementation of Project of Pooling the Wind in Aqaba, Maan. 2012-07-08
Minister of Energy: a Difficult Summer and a Plan to Provide Alternatives to Egyptian Gas. 2012-07-05
A Station to Generate Electricity from Oil Shale at the End of 2016. 2012-07-01
A law allows Jordanians to Produce Electric Power. 2012-06-28
The Electrical Load Records 2620 MW during the Heat Wave. 2012-06-21
Electrical Connection between Jordan and Palestine is under Discussion. 2012-06-18
Dr. Mabreh: No Pre-programmed Plan to Power Cuts. 2012-06-17
A Decree to Ban Importing of Non - Energy-Saving Electrical Appliances. 2012-06-07
Person s" Share of Electricity Rises 15% in Five Years. 2012-06-07
A Jordanian Invents a Device to Generate Electricity. 2012-06-05
Government Actions to Face Inflation of the Energy Bill. 2012-06-04
Government Raises Electricity Prices for Who Bill More Than (50JD). 2012-06-03
Minister of Energy Reassures on Work Plan of the Energy Sector Co. in Preparation for the Summer Season. 2012-05-30
The Second Media Message to Save Energy Consumption. 2012-05-28
3.52 Billion Dinars is the Cost of Stoppage of Egyptian Gas This Year. 2012-05-27
Modifying the Prices of Oil Derivatives and Electricity Tariff on a Number of Sectors. 2012-05-27
Establishing a Fund to Promote Renewable Energy. 2012-05-23
1.35 Billion Dinars is Jordanian Bill of Imported Energy in the First Quarter. 2012-05-23
13 Millions as Annual Revenues from Fils Reef Dept. 2012-05-21
Egypt Commits to Supply Jordan with Gas. 2012-05-15
ERC launches a Campaign to Encourage Use of Consumption-Saving Alternatives. 2012-05-14
Quantities of Egyptian Gas Still at Minimum. 2012-05-08
Starting Experimental Pumping Egyptian Gas to Jordan. 2012-05-06
Source: Raising the Price of Electricity Decreases about 170 Million of Potential Losses. 2012-05-02
IMF Examines Granting the Department of Energy Loans to Finance Projects. 2012-04-30
Egypt: Agreement to Export Gas to Jordan will not be Affected after Cancellation with "Israel" 2012-04-25
Arab Funds Finance Samra Power Station. 2012-04-23
The New Electricity Tariff Has not Materialized yet. 2012-04-23
Energy Minister Meets with Qatari Ambassador to Supply Jordan with Gas. 2012-04-15
The Explosion (14) for the Egyptian Gas Pipeline. 2012-04-11
No Agreement Yet on New Tariff for Electricity 2012-04-11
Winner of the Project Al Fajeej Tender Will Be Announced Next Month. 2012-04-09
Government Guarantees a JD 130 Million Loan to Expand Samra Electric Power Generating Co. 2012-04-04
Aqua Power Increases its Stake in CEGCO 25%. 2012-04-02
Discussing the Challenges of the Region in the Field of Electric Power Projects and Power Link. 2012-04-01
ERC Makes 3 Drafts of the Instructions of Renewable Energy. 2012-03-26
Madelik Annual Meeting in Amman. 2012-03-22
Stopping to Work with New Electricity Tariff. 2012-03-14
Cancellation of the Electricity Tariff & Replace it with A Decreased One. 2012-03-12
NEPCO in Cooperation with JICA Celebrates the Graduation of (72) Trainees. 2012-03-07
The 13th Bombing of the Egyptian Gas Pipeline to Jordan and Israel. 2012-03-07
Electrical Load Reaches 2700 MW Recording for the First Time in History. 2012-03-04
The Regular Supply of Egyptian Natural Gas Will Reduce NEPCO Debt. 2012-02-29
The Electrical System in Jordan is Working in Reassuringly. 2012-02-19
Fuel and Energy Bill Ups to 3.7 Billion Dinars in 2011. 2012-02-15
Egypt Never Reduces the Electricity Exported to Jordan. 2012-02-13
Qatar is a Partner in East Amman Power Station Today. 2012-02-08
A New Bombing of Egyptian Gas Line to Jordan. 2012-02-07
NEPCO is Keen to Provide Energy to the Citizens Despite the Losses. 2012-02-01
Modifying the Electricity Tariff Will not Affect 92% of the Citizen Houses. 2012-01-30
NEPCO Borrows 250 Million Dinars. 2012-01-26
Starting the First Stage of Lighting Homes via Solar Power at Tafila. 2012-01-25
The Cold Low Wave Ups the Electrical System to an Unprecedented Level. 2012-01-23
Exemption of Energy Saving Devices from Customs Duties. 2012-01-22
Egyptian Gas is Back on a Trial. 2012-01-19
Russia Offers Jordan to EstRussia Offers Jordan to Establish 4 Power Nuclear-Powered Stations. 2012-01-17
Bill of Jordan Imported Energy is 3.35 Billion Dinars with + 56%. 2012-01-16
5 Thousand Diesel Needs of NEPCO per Day and 5-10% Heavy Fuel Oil. 2012-01-15
NEPCO Stops the Interruptions of the Current. 2012-01-11
Touqan: 2020 Will See the Start of the Work of the First Nuclear Power Station in Jordan. 2012-01-09
Abu Qura: Positive Signs to Provide the Kingdom with Qatari Gas. 2012-01-08
Abu Qura: Jordan Loses $ 5 Million a Day due to Interruption of Egyptian Gas. 2012-01-03
Sooner Having a Jordanian-Qatari Deal to Supply Gas to the Kingdom. 2012-01-03