The electric load is likely to rise to record levels next winter 2021-09-28
Al-Rawashdah: A cubic meter of water passes 300 kilometers to reach the consumer and needs 6.6 kilowatts of electricity. 2021-09-19
The government publishes information about its ownership in the electricity sector 2021-09-19
Zawati: Jordan is among the most water-poor countries, with 88% reliance on imported energy 2021-09-19
Jordan seeks to generate 31% of its electricity from renewable energy 2021-09-16
The start of the meeting of energy ministers in Jordan, Egypt, Syria and Lebanon 2021-09-08
Jordan hosts the energy ministers of Egypt, Syria and Lebanon 2021-09-06
Benefiting from the subsidized tariff does not require transferring the subscription in the name of the beneficiary 2021-08-25
The electrical load recorded 3240 megawatts on Saturday evening 2021-08-22
Electricity bill support is fixed and a mechanism to protect subscribers who are eligible for support 2021-08-17