Al-Risha produces 20 million cubic feet of gas per day



This came during a visit to the National Petroleum Company today, during which he met Chairman of the Board of Directors Laith Al-Qassem, General Manager of the company, Eng. Muhammad Al-Khasawneh, and directors of the directorates, and listened to a briefing about the reality of production in the Risha gas field and the company's plan to increase production and market the production of the field that is used to generate electricity at the Risha plant. Minister Kharabsheh stressed the importance of continuing to work on increasing production from the Risha field and investing time to expand production to provide the national economy with an added value by providing a local energy source at cheap prices that enhances the competitiveness of the national industry by benefiting from the database and the national information store about the Risha gas field. He said that the production capacity of the Risha gas field, which ranges between 30 and 32 million cubic feet, and the production expansion projects can be used by providing the industry with an appropriate cost-effective energy through the development of an electric transmission line (Eastern Green Corridor) to transport the quantities of gas produced from the Risha gas field to places Consumption (industry centers) at appropriate costs.