A Scientific Workshop at the "NEPCO" to Discuss the Comprehensive Blackout Incident



The officials of the "National Electricity" informed the participants that the consultant charged with preparing the study from the Jordanian and Egyptian sides had been provided with all the necessary technical data to complete the study to reach the causes of the accident and provide technical solutions to avoid its recurrence in the future, stressing that the results of this study will be presented to the experts and concerned and announced immediately. accomplished. The participants in the workshop discussed the status of the electrical system before, during and after the accident, where they focused on the phenomenon of fluctuation of electrical power on the Jordanian-Egyptian electrical interconnection line, stressing that the phenomenon is one of the familiar phenomena on electrical interconnection lines between countries and the most complex of analysis and requires a detailed simulation of the performance of elements and components of electrical systems and control devices for generators through the use of specialized software. The Director General of the National Electric Power Company, Eng. Amjad Rawashdeh, said at the opening that the workshop comes in the context of the company's keenness to enhance interaction with researchers and academics in Jordanian universities and engineering expertise in the public and private sectors. He stressed that the company is in the process of holding a series of workshops and meetings to discuss the comprehensive fire incident and to develop solutions and recommendations that prevent its recurrence. He also stressed the importance of the role assigned to the National Electric Power Company, which manages the electrical system, which is a major driver of the national economy, and its keenness to interact and exchange experiences and activate partnership with all parties in order to maintain efficiency, high availability and stability of the electrical system and ensure the security of information that the Jordanian electrical system enjoys. He said that the electrical system and the performance of the electrical system are governed by performance standards that are monitored by the Energy and Minerals Regulatory Commission, stressing that the Jordanian electrical system was not exposed to any physical faults on its equipment prior to the comprehensive fire incident. The workshop was attended by general managers and officials in the electricity companies in the Kingdom, experts in the committees formed from the Parliamentary Energy Committee and the Jordanian Engineers Association, professors from the faculties of electrical engineering in Jordanian universities, in addition to experts from the public and private sectors.