Representatives Energy Discusses Agreements for Electricity Generation Companies and Restructuring the Energy Sector



He added during the committee's meeting on Wednesday to discuss agreements of electricity generation companies and restructure the energy sector, that the committee believes that there is a reservation on the information provided to it with regard to the energy sector and others, as well as lack of clarity in answering the parliamentary questions related to energy. The meeting was attended by the Ministers of Planning and International Cooperation, Nasser Al-Sharida, Energy and Mineral Resources, Hala Zawati, Finance Muhammad Al-Issas, Secretary General of the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, Amani Al-Azzam, Director General of the National Electric Power Company, Eng. Amjad Rawashdeh and the head of the Energy and Minerals Regulatory Authority, Hussein Al-Labbun. Al-Atoum stressed the need to review all the agreements that have been signed, especially those that carry a financial burden in their folds on the prices of electric tariffs on citizens and harm the state budget, in accordance with the law. He demanded that the Parliamentary Energy Committee be informed of the work, decisions and recommendations of the ministerial committee related to enhancing energy competitiveness and the cost of the energy bill. In turn, Zawati said that we are not currently ready to open the market to electricity generating companies to sell electricity directly to the consumer and indicated that any electrical station that goes out of service is not renewed, which saves the state treasury, noting that at the end of this year, the Rehab station will be taken out of service. For his part, Al-Shuraida said that a ministerial committee was formed recently that includes the ministries of (planning, industry, trade, finance and energy) to study enhancing energy competitiveness and the cost of the energy bill. Al-Issas said that the state has the duty and right to review all agreements that have a financial burden that affects its budget. In turn, Amjad Rawashdeh said that there is a study that we are currently conducting on the issue of rescheduling the company's debts, which reduces the burden of debt on it, and pointed out that the market open to the energy sector does not exist in neighboring countries.