Electricity Interconnection Projects

       The most important achievements in the field of interconnection with the neighboring countries can be summarized as follows:

The Eight Countries Electric Interconnection Project:

 This project aims to connect the electric networks of Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Palestine, Syria and Turkey. The interconnection of the electric networks in Jordan, Egypt, Syria, Libya and was completed up to now. A short brief on the works progress of the project is as follows:

1- Existing Projects:

 The Jordanian-Egyptian-Syrian-Libyan Electric Interconnection:
• The contract of the electric energy exchange between the Jordanian and the Egyptian sides was renewed for the year 2012. Jordan is electrically interconnected with the Egyptian electrical network from the south via a (13)km, 400 kV submarine cable across the Gulf of Aqaba with an exchange capabilities of (550) MW .
• The Jordanian and the Syrian sides agreed to renew the contract of the electric energy exchange to be applicable for the year 2012. Currently, Jordan is electrically interconnected with the Syrian electrical network from the north through a 400 kV overhead single circuit transmission line of (58) km with exchange capabilities of (1000) MW.
• During the year 2011 NEPCO imported (1457.6) GWh from Egypt and (280.5) GWh from Syria for the purpose of meeting the electricity needs of the Jordanian network, while the exported energy from Jordan to Egypt during the year 2011 was (4.2) GWh and (75.7) GWh to Jerusalem Co (Jericho).and (5.7) GWh to Border Trabeel. This energy exchange determined mutual technical and economical benefits for all the parties.
• During the year 2011, (235.1) & (30.4) GWh was transmitted from the Egyptian network to the Lebanese network and Syrian network respectively, and (8.9) GWh from Syrian network to the Egyptian network through the Jordanian network. This energy exchange determined benefits to Jordan resulted from electric energy transmission fees Wheeling Charges.
• Electric energy exchange between the Egyptian and Libyan sides continued since operating the interconnection line in the year 1998 in accordance with the agreement signed between the two countries.
• The electric energy exchange during the year 2011 was (129) GWh from Egypt to Libya and (113) GWh from Libya to Egypt.

2- Interconnection Projects under Construction:

 The Syrian-Turkish Electric Interconnection:
 All works related to the interconnection line project in the Turkish side have been completed since 1997, while in the Syrian side they were completed in mid of 2003. The interconnection line between the two countries is being utilized as an island interconnection through exporting energy from Turkey to Syria. European Network Operator’s Group (ENTSO-E) agreed upon joining Turkey to its electrical network as an experimental period upon three phases for one year ended on 18/09/2011, there was an unexpectedly delay in the first phase of experimental operation resulted in delaying completion of experimental operation for a specific period only.

The Syrian-Lebanese Electric Interconnection:
 The Syrian-Lebanese Electric Interconnection line was completed and was operated on 27/4/2009 but without synchronization. It is expected to be synchronized during the year 2012.Since the above mentioned date, Lebanon has been importing part of electricity needs from Egypt through the Jordanian and Syrian networks against certain wheeling charges paid to the median networks by the seller. The agreement for supplying energy between the Egyptian and Lebanese sides was signed on February,2009.

The Iraqi-Turkish Electric Interconnection:
 The interconnection line 400kV between the two countries is operated currently on 154 kV as an island interconnection.A second interconnection line of 400kV is being constructed between the two countries in order to enhance the interconnection between them.(90%) of the line is completed in the Iraqi side, while in the Turkish side, the construction has not been started yet. It is expected to complete all related works in the year 2012.

The Syrian-Iraqi Electrical Interconnection:
 The two parties confirmed their wish to commence the implementation of the interconnection project, so the 400 kV substations related to the project were completed at the Syrian side, while their associated 400 kV transmission lines are being under construction; however this interconnection line will be operated after conducting the necessary operational studies. It is expected to complete the interconnection project and the reinforcement of the Syrian network during the year 2012, while the Iraqi side completed ( 100%) of the interconnection line whose length is 28 km.

The Egyptian-Libyan Electrical interconnection:
 The capacity of the interconnection line between the two countries will be raised by upgrading the voltage of the line to 500 kV in the Egyptian side and to 400 kV in the Libyan side in the beginning of the year 2012.The feasibility studies regarding the capacity upgrading of the interconnection line between the two countries were completed.

3-Planned Projects:

 Interconnection of the West Bank with the Jordanian Network:
 • All necessary procedures for implementing this project were completed, work plans were prepared and insurance of the project financing commenced.
• The Palestinian Cabinet approved the construction agreement between Jordan and Palestine, and approved signing it.

 Interconnection Gaza Strip with the Egyptian network:
 • The project financing was secured. The project’s tender documents were prepared and they will be issued during the year 2011.

The Electric Interconnection Project between the Eight Countries and Europe (MEDRING Project):
 The operational trials for interconnecting the Libyan electric network with the Tunisian network was retested in April 2010. If these operational trials succeeded then the Libyan-Tunisian interconnection line will be operated, as far as the Tunisian network is already connected with Moroccan network, this means that the electrical networks of Syria, Jordan, Egypt, and Libya are connected with the European electrical network through the Spanish-Moroccan electrical interconnection.

Project of Pan Arab Electric Interconnection:
 NEPCO, as a representative to the General Secretariat of the eighth electric interconnection in the meeting of the Arab experts, members of the executive office of the council of the Arab ministers concerned with the electricity affairs, participated in preparing the terms of reference for the Pan Arab electric interconnection study between Arab countries and other foreign countries and evaluating the exploitation of the natural gas in exporting electricity. The final copy of the terms of reference was approved in order to assign a consultant to conduct a comprehensive study for the pan Arab interconnection which will take into consideration the electrical interconnection with Europe. It commenced the study during the year 2011.