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Vision :
     To elevate the Company's status in all aspects to world standards at the same class of the best regional and international electric utilities.
Mission :
     Provision of secured electric energy; with high levels of reliability of the electric power system; ...
Electrical Interconnection
Set condition tempreture on 25 and close windows and doors to reduce energy consumption
Using electricity for decorations in occasions and holidays is a waste of electricity
Make sure to turn off all lights when leaving the house
Saving Energy and reducing the wasted energy decreases the electrical power outages occured due to excessive power consuming
Reduce lights during the day .. depend on sunlight, it's enough and healthy
Don't touch uncovered electrical wires
Keep aways from electricity towers
According to experts, turning off one light in house or office saves electrical power for entire city
Try to do house chores that requires electricity after 11 o'clock or during the morinig between 5 and 7 o'clock
Following power saving instructions and using it properly reduces your electricity bill
Electricity is vital, make sure to save it
Turn off unused lights and devices in your house and office
Massive electricity consuming may increase wires heat and cause electrical surges and fires
Iron cloths in one time instead of many times saves electricity
Laundry in one time instead of many times saves electricity
Turning electrical water heater only when it is needed saves electricity
Periodic maintenance of fridge and rubber gaskets saves energy
Using detergents that works at 30 celecious saves electrical power
Using electrical heaters increases your electricity bill more that fuel heaters
Saving energy is a simple process that leads to great results and reduces your electricty bill
Consuming Electricity illegally is accountable
Electricity waste is a major reason of power outages and increasing electricity bills
Save electricity whereever you are
Choose electricity saving devices to reduce power usage and better effeciency
Keeping lights on during day may deprive us from it at night
Electricla tariff is ascending and electrical heating is paid for using the highest tariff so it's not the best mean to heat our houses
You can save upto 15% of your electricity bill by turning off electrical devices on stand by
Power saving lights decreases the electricity bill noticeably
Don'y iron clothes when they still wet, wait until they dry using sun heat to save electricity