International Consultancy Services

National Electric Power Company (NEPCO) was formed in the year 1996, it is the successor of Jordan Electricity Authority (JEA) which was established in the year 1967 as an autonomous governmental entity, responsible for all major generation, transmission, substation, distribution and planning of electric power resources in Jordan.

NEPCO was restructured in the year 1999 and became responsible for planning, management, operation and development of power transmission, substation, local dispatching systems and the interconnection with the neighboring countries.

Over the years NEPCO has built-up a multi range of Technical know-how and expertise which has made it a modern and progressive organization.

NEPCO International was created in the year 1988 to market NEPCO’s Technical know-how and expertise locally and internationally and to enhance cooperation with Arab, Middle Eastern and the International utility providers in most of electricity fields.

NEPCO International acts as a consultancy firm, to provide wide range of services to the government, private, non-government organizations (NGO’s) and the (UN) organizations and it has been registered as an approved consultancy firm at the United Nations Common Supplier Data Base (UNCSD), (now UNGM) , the International Consulting Base,, and the Islamic Development Bank (IDB).
Tasks and Duties:

    - Provide consultancy, projects management and range of services, to the local and
      the international markets, through proposing technical and financial offers, and
      drawing agreements.

    - Market Jordanian qualified experts, consultants and services in the field of electrical
       power, technical, industrial, financial, accounting & auditing, procurement &
       purchase, contracting, logistics, administrative, information technology management
       system and computer skills.

    - Investigate new competitive markets, in order to attract and embark upon new
       energy projects including rural electrification and the renewable energy projects.

    - Manage development projects and/or provide specialized services as needed.

    - An Executive Information System (EIS).

    - Geographical Information System (GIS).

    - Computer- Aided drafting and design facilities (CADD).

    - Electrical workshop for configuration, testing and repairing of protection relays
      and electrical meters.

    - Electronic workshop for repairing of electronic cards.

    - Insulation oil tests laboratory for doing all necessary tests by a qualified staff
      for the electrical insulating oil in accordance to the IEC standards to ensure
      a long service life for transformers.

    - Training center (Simulators).

    - Power Line software of overhead transmission lines.