International Consultancy Services

According to the directives of NEPCO Top Management and in line with the vision &
mission of the company, The International Services & Investment Department do marketing
the available experiences & capabilities through continued communication with local &
international institutions which enabled NEPCO to attract new markets, and getting into
several projects particularly in the field of engineering, financial, administrative and training
consultancy services.

National Electric Power Co. has got the trust of agencies, institutions and international
companies, such as Japan International Corporation Agency (JICA) , United Nations
Development Program (UNDP), World Bank, Swedish Agency for International Development
(SIDA) and the Arab Fund.

Furthermore, NEPCO has built a good relations through co-operation with Electiricity DE
France (EDF), ABB, Electrical Company of the Republic of Jambia, Noble International Inc.,
MORGANTI of America, INFLICO of France, CYMI of Spain, DOOSAN of Korea, Siemens
of Germany and Public Electricity Corporation (PEC) of Yemen, Jerusalem District Electricity
Company (JDECO), Ministry of Electricity of Iraq & of Erbil (M.O.E & M.O.E.I) respectively,
in addition to EDL of Lebanon and many others too.

Scope of service activities:

   1- Investment through offering consultancy and technical services:
       A lot of feasibility studies, bid preparation, specifications for a lot of electrical projects
       in addition to the secondment of specialists from engineers, technicians, and
       administrative departments .

    2- Investment in training:
        Many technical and non technical training programs were conducted for trainees from
        different companies locally and abroad, in addition to the yearly training courses which
        were implemented under the Third Country Training Program (TCTP) in cooperation
        with JICA for candidates from the Ministry of Electricity of Iraq , the Ministry of
        Electricity of Kurdistan , Yemen and Palestine.

    3- Investment in Facilities:
NEPCO invest in its own fiber optic network and through conducting transformer oil
        tests , in addition to the investment through its vehicles and renting of its own testing