Connection of Amman-West S/S with Samrah S/S



Project Summary: Connect Amman-West S/S with Samrah S/S using Double circuit towers , twin bundled conductor per phase with voltage level of 400 kV. Companies assigned: 1- Consortium of (MVM OVIT Zrt.) Hungary and (LTB Leitungsbau GmbH) Germany - for the segment of the supply of Supports and complete erection of OHTL works - under the contract No.(3/ 2013), which was awarded on (13/04/2013). 2 -For the supply of Insulators and their Fittings an international tender with No.(5/2013) was issued . 3 - (Jiangsu Tongguang Optical Fiber Cable China -for the segment of the supply of the Over Head Optical Fiber Ground Wire (OPGW) and their Fittings - under the contract No.(6/2013) which was awarded on (24/06/2014). 4 - (APAR Industries) ,India -for the segment of the Supply of Conductors - under the contract No. (22/2013) which was awarded on (4/5/2014).