“Fils Al-Reef” delivers electricity to field hospitals and quarantine camps



According to the ministry’s data, these 6 hospitals that were established were electrified through rural fils, and electricity was delivered to the quarantine camps (caravans) in the Dead Sea regions and the Omari Border Center in Azraq. In addition, the number of sites that were electrified at the expense of rural fils last year amounted to about 803 sites, including about 6.2 thousand homes, compared to 1,531 sites the previous year, which included about 2.26 thousand homes. This comes at a time when the number of sites that were approved for implementation last year reached 741 sites, compared to 1472 sites that were approved during the year 2019. Also, at the expense of rural fils, 4 bids were referred last year to replace traditional street lighting units with 410 energy-saving units. Thousands of units in all municipalities and Palestinian refugee camps in coordination with the Ministry of Local Administration, where the Ministry of Energy, through rural fils, will finance 35 million dinars of the project’s value over 7 years at a cost of 5 million dinars annually, with implementation starting during the current year.