Heat Wave Raises Electrical Loads by 11%



According to the company’s response to Al-Ghad’s questions yesterday, it is expected that the electrical system load this summer will reach 3700 megawatts, especially after the closed sectors due to the “Corona” pandemic return to work, knowing that the maximum load recorded on the Jordanian electrical system is 3630 megawatts. Watts, in February 2020. The company said that the electrical system in the Kingdom is capable of covering electrical loads of 4000 megawatts from local traditional generation sources, at a time when the Monitoring and Control Center is developing the necessary operational plans and continuous verification of the capacity and readiness of the generation stations. To cover any increase in electrical loads. Jordan is scheduled to have a new generation capacity in 2021, the size of 1270 megawatts, which will be added to the current capacity of 5,800 megawatts, with the calculation of renewable energy production, according to a recent report by the World Bank.