Company Ambitions

Company Ambitions:

    1.  Setting, applying, and developing the total quality system.

    2.  Developing the safety and environmental activities.

    3.  Commercializing the electrical training center to serve the whole region.

    4.  Developing the international consultation services and training activities,and transferring it
         to a profitable center.

    5.  Developing the company’s regulations including a new employee incentive system.

    6.  Following up a comprehensive plan for the electrical system.

    7.  Developing the electrical load management to the best usage.

    8.  Keeping the electrical system in a high stability level.

    9.  Keeping the continuity of supply to all of the consumers according to the international

    10. Constructing a regional control center for the purpose of electrical interconnection with
         other countries.

    11. Getting the electrical energy at the lowest prices with high quality.

    12. Developing the national transmission Grid and the interconnection Grids with other

      The continuous development of information technology in all NEPCO’s works

    -  To diversify the sources of natural gas so that the generation of power doesn't depend on
        a single import pipeline.

    -  To operate all power generation stations on natural gas fuel to benefit from its operational
        and environmental advantages