Company Goals and Activities

NEPCO Responsibilities:

    1.  Power System safe and economic operation (System Operator).
    2.  Transmission system constructing, owning and maintaining (Transmission Network Owner).

    3.  Planning and developing the power system.

    4.  Purchasing electricity from different sources and selling it to distribution companies
         (Single Buyer).

    5.  Procuring the required fuel for power plant operation.

    6.  Importing and Exporting electricity with neighboring countries.

    7.  Contracting the new generation capacity to meet the future demand.

NEPCO Objectives:

    1.  Construction, planning, development, operation, maintenance and management of the
         control systems, and the electric transmission and interconnection networks.

    2.  Management of the processes of purchasing, transmitting, control and selling the electric
         power inside Jordan and to the neighboring countries and conducting the planning studies
         in this regard.

    3.  Providing services, consultancy and studies related to the electric power to variant parties
         inside and outside Jordan.

    4.  Setting the comprehensive quality system for all the company's activities and following
         up its implementation and developing it.